Town of Port Hope Summer Camp Program 2011

Special thanks goes out to Julia Snoek, Program Coordinator at the Town of Port Hope for incorporating the A.B.I. program into her summer camp program.

Here are some highlights of the week!

  • Face painting by Liquid Imprints (donations to A.B.I.)
  • A jumping castle and ball bin
  • A car wash (donations to A.B.I.)
  • Fun and active carnival games
  • An anti bullying puppet show by the Paddling Puppeteers
  • Sold A.B.I. t-shirts and car decals
  • Made up some Anti-Bullying slogans with the campers

“The A.B.I. initiative and pledge works great for our day camp program- it gives staff something visual to remind children of the importance of thinking about how they treat others. I would love to use the pledge again next year, and if you were to do the walk that potentially camp staff could run some games and activities. Thanks again for letting us work together with you on this initiative and the importance of ensuring children know that they can stand up and stop bullying.”