A.B.I. Program

After the tragic death of Abigayle Kempton (Abi), we, her family, started the A.B.I. Anti-Bullying Initiative program to memorialize her.

It started with the idea of one $500 scholarship being awarded by Abi’s family to one graduating student from one of the three local high schools in Cobourg and certificates being awarded to students in grades 1 through 8 each year at Baltimore and Dale Road schools where Abi attended.

Through tremendous support and tireless fundraising efforts from Abi’s family, but mainly her Poppa, it soon turned into a $1,000 scholarship at each of the three secondary schools in Cobourg.

The A.B.I. Program has continually grown to include many different events and activities in our schools and within our community.

Our hope is that Abi’s story and the A.B.I. Anti-Bullying Initiative will inspire young people to make a difference by showing compassion and concern for others and by taking a stand against bullying in their school and community.   We believe we are making a difference.  Recipients of these awards are young people who are leading by example and who are very proud of their accomplishments.

For information on how to receive an Abigayle Kempton Memorial Award, please see the Elementary and Secondary Program pages.