2014 Highlights

2014 has proven to be a year of advancements for our Anti-Bullying Initiative, A.B.I.

1. Cornerstone Family Violence Prevention Centre: Resulting from the Committee set up in 2013, Cornerstone Family Violence Prevention Centre has now incorporated Abi’s story in their Power Program in nine grades at six schools, Dale Road, Northumberland Hills, Spring Valley, Colborne, Grafton and St. Anthony. In addition, Hamilton Township Police Services Board has donated $500. to Dale Road School to assist them in their anti-bullying activities. We have supplied bracelets and other materials to Cornerstone to assist them ingetting their message across.

2. In June we were invited to make a presentation to the Justice and Human Rights Committee of the House of Commons. The Committee was sitting to hear presentations on Bill C-13 with particular emphasis, from our point of view, on aspects of Cyberbullying. Roy Kempton from our group prepared and delivered a presentation from A.B.I. to the Committee.


House of Commons

Roy Kempton at the House of Commons in Ottawa June 2014

3. Following our presentation to the House of Commons Committee we were contacted by Facebook to see how they could contribute to the A.B.I. program. A Facebook representative gave evidence to the Committee on the same day as A.B.I. We are currently in contact with Facebook representative Meg Sinclair to see how we can add their involvement to assist our efforts.

4. We had a very productive meeting with Joe Tompkins, Superintendent of Education for Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board and Gary Woods, Chairperson of Hamilton Township Police Services Board. Along with his other duties, Mr. Tompkins has responsibility on a Board-wide basis for issue related to safe, caring and restorative schools’ policies. He is a supporter of our initiative and will endorse it where possible throughout schools in Northumberland County.

5. Once again, this year, we took part in the Canada Day Parade. There was a turnout of about 60 students and parents. We feel this walk gives great exposure to our symbolism and cause and while we would like to see a larger turnout, the effort is worthwhile.

6. We wish to express sincere thanks for fund raising efforts by Tom Faughnan, Mark Kernaghan and the Mackey, Lawrence, Turk and Cane Slo-Pitch Tournament which together raised approximately $1,800. It is very gratifying to know that these people, and many others who donate annually to our cause, appreciate that we are making a difference.

A big thank you to everyone!


Mark Kernaghan and Roy Kempton

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