2013 C.D.C.I. East ABI Award Winner

Mayor of Hamilton Township, Mark Lovshin, presented the Abigayle Kempton Memorial Award at the East Commencement on October 11th, 2013.  The winner, Rowan Palleske, was unable to be at the award presentation as she is attending university in New Brunswick.  Accepting the award on her behalf are her brother, Gaelen, and her sister, Reanna. 

2013 CDCI East Award Recipient Presentation









The Kempton family received the following note of gratitude from Rowan.

I wanted to personally say thank you for awarding me the ABI Award and express my sorrow at not being able to say this in person tomorrow at the ceremony. However, I did wish for you to know that I have never been this honoured. Your cause really does harbour a special place in my person and I hope that this organization continues with the success that it has had thus far. The amount of spirit that was, and still is, put into this cause by you and your family both moves and inspires me on a daily basis, which I think is something very important and special as that is what I attempt to do for others. So thank you from the depths of my heart for this opportunity and this honour.

Most sincerely,

Rowan Palleske

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